About This Blog

This blog is about points of Florida law that I think might be of interest to the public.  We will primarily focus on areas related to our own practices, but you can also expect to see posts of general interest that may be unrelated to our practice.  The key will be whether it is likely to be of interest to the public.  You may even see an occasional off topic post or news related to our practice.  For example if one of us is going to be on vacation or out of the office for a few days, you can read it here.  If we expect to be in trial or tied up in depositions all day, then  you can read it here.  We may crow about our victories and weep over our losses.  If it relates to Florida law or Campione & Hackney, P.A. you can read it here.

WARNING:  This blog is for general information only and nothing herein may be interpreted as legal advice or as creating an attorney client relationship. Although we’ll strive for accuracy in this blog, the fact is that no short article can substitute for legal advice based on a detailed discussion of your situation.  We would urge you to consult a lawyer of your own choosing in the area where you live or where your case is pending.  We hope you enjoy this blog.


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