Even Young Docs-To-Be Can Be Too Dumb For Facebook

I promise to quit beating a dead horse and yet another example of the dangers of improperly managing your online persona pops up.   It seems that medical students at the University of Florida don’t know any better than to announce they belong to the “I Hate Medical School” group or to pose in lab coats labeled “Kevorkian Medical Clinic” online.  As a graduate of the FSU College of Law, I’d love to turn this into a “Gator hater” joke, but I doubt that students in any other graduate program anywhere would fare any better.

I’m not saying that you need to stay offline or avoid social networks. I’m just saying you need to be aware of what you’re doing and saying.  Don’t do anything that you wouldn’t do at noon in the middle of Times Square on a busy Sunday. Ask yourself “How would I feel if my ____________________ (fill in blank with Mom, Dad, boss, future employer, minister, teacher etc.) saw this?”  If the answer is “embarassed”, then don’t do it online.


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